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EPE Foam Board

The EPE foam board features light weight, good softness and cushioning property. Its thermal conductivity is low but its thermal insulation is excellent. High-foam forming and excellent waterproof performance enable the foam board to have strong buoyancy. This foam board perfectly resists all kinds of corrosive materials, and will not be affected by the severe weather. In addition, it features good sound insulation effect. Its deformability is extremely favorable, including cutting, vacuum forming, extruding, compression molding, and the like. Apart from the aforesaid features, this EPE foam board is also characterized by surprisingly smooth surface, colourability. It can be processed into the flame retardant product, which can be used for anti-static treatment.


D31PS board (Foam Board)EPE20

This EPE foam board is widely applied to pack electronic products, computers, medical equipment, crafts, glass, ceramics, furniture, gifts, hardware, toys, fruits, shoes, and many more.

Our product is a white packing material of excellent performance. Made of low density polyethylene, it comes with nice plasticity since it can be processed into any your desired shapes. Most importantly, it can effectively prevent your product from any collision damage in the transportation. With light weight, our foam board is more easily transported, and will not influence the overall weight of your goods after packed.

As a China-based EPE foam board manufacturer and supplier, Thinkpack provides a broad range of products that includes masking tape, PE surface protection tape, aluminum foil tape, pallet wrapping machine, and more.

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