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EPE Roll Film

The EPE roll film is commonly found in the areas like electronic appliances, instruments, medical equipment, crafts, glass, ceramics, wine and gift packaging, hardware, toys, fruits, etc. This product not only features lightweight, softness, and good buffering capacity, but also enjoys the advantages like excellent resistance to water, corrosive materials, and extreme weather. Apart from the sound insulation, it can be treated with the processes like the bonding, extruding, vacuum forming, and so on. Moreover, this colorable roll film is smooth in surface. It could be anti static after having been processed into the flame retardant product.


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Foamed from low density polyethylene resin, our EPE roll film can be freely folded and bent. It has nice softness and buffering effect. When used as the cushion in your car, it can effectively help you alleviate the discomfort caused by the bumpy road. With good elasticity, it is ideal for packing the fragile items such as ceramics, wine, and the like, to prevent them from being damaged in the transportation. With physical production process, our product generates no toxic or hazardous substances.

We are a professional EPE roll film manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide aluminum foil tape, polypropylene strapping, carton sealing machine, PVC protective tape, and much more.

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