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EPE Foam Sheet

In addition to the light weight, good softness and cushioning property, the EPE foam sheet has low thermal conductivity and but excellent thermal insulation. It has strong buoyancy due to its high-foam forming and excellent waterproof performance. This product well resists weather extremes as well as all sorts of corrosive materials. It also can insulate sound. With favorable deformability, our foam sheet can be cut, vacuum formed, extruded, compression folded, and so on. In addition, it comes with smooth surface and can be colored. After being processed into the flame retardant product, it has anti-static function as well. This EPE foam sheet is widely applied to pack electronic products, computers, medical equipment, crafts, glass, ceramics, furniture, gifts, hardware, toys, fruits, shoes, among others.

This white EPE foam sheet is applicable for the product package where excellent water proof performance is required. Through the application of our product, your goods will remain the same without being affected by moisture. In addition, this easily cut foam sheet can be extensively used as the elastic lining materials for bags and cases. With excellent sound insulation and heat preservation performance, it is widely used in the industrial production. Moreover, after compounded with aluminum foil or aluminum film, it possesses excellent anti ultraviolet and infrared ability, and can be used as the substitute for the sunshade of the automobiles, camping equipment, and the cold storage of chemical equipment.

Thinkpack is a specialized EPE foam sheet manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer various types of products such as PVC industrial tape, double sided tape without backing, adhesive tape dispenser, and polyester strapping.

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