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Shaped EPE Foam

The shaped EPE foam is extensive applied to electronic appliances, instruments, medical equipment, crafts, glass, ceramics, wine and gift packaging, hardware, toys, fruits, etc. In addition lightweight, softness, and good buffering capacity, it also has excellent resistance to water, corrosive materials, and extreme weather. This product can be applied to the place where sound insulation is required. It can be treated with the processes like the bonding, extruding, vacuum forming, and so on. Moreover, this colorable roll film is smooth in surface. After having been processed into the flame retardant product, it has the anti static performance. The shape of the shaped EPE foam can be customized.

Our company is an experienced shaped EPE foam manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a variety of products, including manual strapping machine, strapping buckle, OPP packaging tape (solvent based), PET/OPP double sided tape, and more.

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