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The EPE bag with light weight holds the advantages including good softness and cushioning property, low thermal conductivity but good thermal insulation. Due to the high-foam forming and excellent waterproof performance, it features strong buoyancy. Also, it will not affected by corrosive materials or weather extremes. This product can effectively insulate the sound. With excellent deformability, our EPE bag can be treated with the processes including cutting, vacuum forming, extruding, compression molding, etc. It has smooth surface and can be colored. In addition, the bag can be used for anti-static treatment after having been processed into the flame retardant product. In conclusion, our product is the preferred choice for electronic appliances, instruments, medical equipment, crafts, glass, ceramics, hardware, toys, fruits, etc. Moreover, customized size is available.

This bag adopts the composite material made from EPE foam and PE film. It offers cleanness and sanitary for you. When applied to the package of CDs and precision instruments, our EPE bag can prevent those items from being damaged in the transportation. With superior water proof performance, it can prevent the LCD electronic products as well as the Post Express from the moist. Last but not the least, it is recyclable, and can be used to hold other small items.

As a China-based EPE bag manufacturer and supplier, our company also offers PTFE thread seal tape, semi-automatic strapping machine, double sided tissue tape, PVC electrical insulating tape, and much more.

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