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High End Air Bubble

High end air bubble film is light in weight, and transparent in appearance. With excellent sound insulation, and resistance to shock and abrasion, it is extensively used to package electronic products, instruments, ceramics, household appliances, bikes, and many others. Also, it can be used as the material of bubble bags, heat preservation materials, insulation cushion, and so forth. The width of our product can be up to 1000mm. The diameter of the small bubble is 5mm, and the medium type has the diameter of 5mm. In addition, the diameter could be 25 to 30mm for the large type bubble. Commonly, the bubble height could be 3mm, 5mm, or 10mm. Customized size can be offered as well.


Bubble SizeRemark
E221White bubble filmPE605Medium SizeSuper-translucent; Improve the product Level

This film is processed from low density polyethylene resin. It is the presently commonly used transparent soft package material which has favorable buffering effect. Our product can be extensively applied to electrical equipment, commodities, crafts, high grade furniture. Being filled with air, it can protect your product with effect. With white color, it has good transparent effect, which is really convenient for users to identify the packed product.

As an experienced high end air bubble film manufacturer and supplier in China, Thinkpack offers a comprehensive range of products that includes EPE foam sheet, semi-automatic strapping machine, PVC protective tape, stationery adhesive tape, and much more.

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