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Bubble Film Bag

Being fully filled with air, the general type bubble film bag is not only light and clear, but also features high resilience, sound insulation, as well as resistance to shock and abrasion. Generally, its width could be up to 1000mm. The diameter of the bubble is available with three types, such as 5mm, 10mm, or 25 to 30mm. In addition, the bubble height could be 3mm, 5mm, or 10mm. Upon the client's requirements, the size can be customized.

This bubble film bag adopts PE materials to offer excellent resistance to oil. It can effectively protect your product with excellent shock resistance. Principally, this product is applied to the electronic products and furniture product where excellent resistance to moisture is required. It is environmental since it is non-toxic and odorless. When applied to pack furniture, it causes no damage to your health.

Our company is a professional bubble film bag manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a variety of products, including optoelectronics electrical insulation tape, adhesive tape dispenser, polyester strapping, gummed paper tape, and more.

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