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Antistatic Bubble Film

The red antistatic bubble film is fully filled with air to offer light weight, transparent appearance, and high resilience. This product enjoys the advantages including sound insulation, resistance to shock and abrasion. In the sectors like electronics, ceramics, handicrafts, paint products, glass products, etc., it serves as the buffering package. Likewise, our product has the maximum width of 1000mm. The small type bubble has the diameter of 5mm, and the middle sized type comes with the diameter of 10mm. For the large type, the diameter ranges from 25mm to 30mm.

Bubble SizeRemark
E321Red Bubble FilmPE605Middle size
Middle size
Middle size
With anti-static function; Used to pack electron components

Our red antistatic bubble film has a red conducting film inside. In contrast to the conventional anti-static type, it can more effectively eliminate static electricity. Our product is really the preferred choice for electronic products. Made of Polyethylene material, this type of film can prevent your product from the damage done in collision. What's more, it can be printed with letters and patterns to get product promotion effect.

As a specialized antistatic bubble film manufacturer and supplier in China, Thinkpack also provides semi-automatic strapping machine, OPP packaging tape (water based), PET electrical insulating tape, galvanized steel strapping, and much more.

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