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PE Stretch Wrap Film

The high grade backing material LLDPE after coated with the qualified tackifier, will be treated with the processes like heating, extruding, and curtain coating. After then, it will be cooled to form the PE stretch wrap film. This thin wrap film not only comes with high tenacity, viscosity, and elasticity, but also features outstanding resistance to pressure, dust, water, as well as high and low temperature. It is available with one sticky side or double sticky sides. When used, our product helps you save time and cost.

The PE stretch wrap film is applied to wrap the goods on a pallet, and ensure the security and cleanness of the goods. Due to its excellent performance, it is widely applied to the industries including paper, logistics, chemical industry, building materials, food, glass, etc.

ModelMaterialThicknessElongation (%)Application
17200Used to bundle strapping, freight, as well as other applications where waterproof and dustproof performances are required.

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