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Adhesive Tape Dispenser

The adhesive tape dispenser can be made of environmental plastic or iron. It is applicable for the sectors like steel, metal manufacturing, wood, electronics, logistics, and so on. Its conventional width could be 48mm, 60mm, or 80mm. This tape dispenser is available with two types. The small type is suitable for the cashier front desk in the supermarket or others. Another type is multifunctional. It not only can be used with the small stationery tape, but also is compatible with the large tape whose paper tube inner diameter is up to 75mm. Both of the two types can be used for the tape with the maximum width up to 25mm.

Operation Methods
1.Keep the glue surface of the tape upwards between the rubber roller and the metallic support.
2. Use the roller to compact the tape tightly. Keep the balance between the tape and roller.
3. Avoid the dispenser teeth to damage the adhesive tape.
4. Hold the dispenser and the inside tape tightly, and then cut down.


ModelTypeMaterials Maxi. Support Width (mm)Maxi. Diameter of Tape(mm)Color
H111Common typeIron48100Red
H112Common typeIron48150Red
H113Common typeIron60100Red
H114Common typeIron60150Red
H115The type with handle.Iron, Plastic60135Multicolor

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