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Adhesive Tape Cooling

Adhesive tape has to be cooled after drying during its manufacturing process. Mostly, cold air is sprayed to the adhesive tape to achieve forced cooling. Water cooling method is also utilized frequently. Some adhesive tape manufacturers also use air cooling and water cooling methods synchronously.

While using water cooling, there may be a water membrane on cooling roller which will decrease cooling effect. The membrane is created due to the centrifugal force generated when the cooling rollers are rotating in high speed. Periodical membrane removal is necessary.

If cooling the adhesive tape using hollowed tube type cooling rollers, the cooling effect will be better than above mentioned method because of the dual-circulation of cooling water. Stirring of water during the tape cooling process will also contribute to a better effect.

In order to achieve the best cooling effect, we recommend using pressure-decreasing method to achieve evaporation cooling.