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1. Main Content and Applicable Scope
a. This standard formulates the basic requirements of the product package for domestic market, including the packaging process, signs, etc.
b. This standard is applicable for the product package in domestic market.

2. Normative References
General Technical Specifications for the Package of JB2759 Electromechanical Product.

3. Basic Requirements
3.1 The unpacked product should be stored in the rainproof, ventilated, dry place. Put a mat under the product to avoid moisture and damage.
3.2 The product should have the product qualification certificate after having been strictly inspected by the quality inspection department. Prior to packaging, it should be inspected by the package inspector.
3.3 Before packaging, make sure that the product is free from dust or any other dirties. Also, maintain the cleanness of the whole packaging process to assure the final package quality. All the explosion proof electric appliances and power transmission control devices should be shielded with plastic bags before packed within the boxes. So does the product which applies simple outer package.
3.4 The product after packed within the box should be firmly fixed. Based on the product structure, you can choose the fixation method like bolts or wood plate. When you use the wood plate for fixation, you must mind the product weakness part, for instance, the electric control product with glass door.
3.5 When the product comes with the weight above 50kg or the wooden carton has the volume no less than 1m3, then the corner of the carton should be wrapped with iron. Also, you can select the steel strip.
3.6 Since the date of shipment, the protection duration of the package boxes will be one year. During this period, the product should be kept away from any damage.

4. Package Process
4.1 According to the product volume and weight, choose the suitable outer package.
4.2 The amount of products must be in compliance with the correspondent rules specified in the product package technical standard. Also, those products should be firmly fixed to prevent themselves from colliding from each other.
4.3 Between the mat and product, you should place a corrugated board or rigid foam, which will then be nailed to the mat.