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EVA rubber product is a new type environmental plastic foam product usually with the VA content of 15% to 30%. The main content of this product is thermoplastic elastomer which is characterized by softness, good elasticity, shock absorption, heat preservation, as well as resistance to chemicals, aging, and fog. Also, this nontoxic thermoplastic elastomer absorbs no water. EVA rubber product after having been designed can be processed. It meets the requirement of environmental protection, and has the shock resistance better than the traditional foam materials such as the polystyrene. Thus, it is really the preferred choice for export products.

Our EVA rubber product is antibacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, and pollution-free. The thickness is below 30mm and the maximum width is 1200mm. Generally, the colors we have are white, black, yellow, green, etc. Your desired colors can be customized as well. The relevant detailed features as follows:

1. Water Resistance: the closed cell structure enables the EVA product to have excellent moisture resistance with no water absorption.
2. Corrosion Resistance: it resists seawater, grease, acid and alkali.
3. Deformability: it can be easily hot pressed, cut, rubber coated, etc.
4. Shock Resistance: excellent rebound resilience and perfect tensile strength are possessed.
5. Heat Preservation: It is outstanding in heat insulation as well as resistance to low temperature. Our EVA product is resistant to sun exposure.
6. Acoustical Insulation: our product can perfectly insulate the sound.

The EVA products includes EVA rubber cushion, EVA mat, EVA foam, EVA foam wheel, EVA sheet, EVA toys, etc. All these products can be widely applied to the industries like electronics, printing, packaging, shoes, toys, boxes, etc. Also, both customized service and OEM service are available.