Home » Knowledge » The Features of PE, PET, PVC, and PP Protective Films

1. The soft PE protective film with low price and good extensibility is free from pollution. Generally, this kind of product has passed the ROHS environmental pollution test. However, the PE protective film is not suitable for high temperature environment due to the low weatherproof performance. Usually, its working temperature is below 60℃.
2. PET protective film not only comes with good hardness, flatness, also features outstanding weatherproof performance. It can be used in the high temperature ranging from 100℃ to 150℃. It doesn't work when applied to the product with angle or corner. PET protective film is mainly used for die cutting.
3. PVC protective film is not environmental though it enjoys the advantages like good softness and excellent resistance to weather. It is seldom found in many international brands of products. This film is mainly used for anti-static protection. Also, it is applicable for wooden loudspeaker box.
4. The PP protective film is formed through coating biaxially-oriented polypropylene with acrylic glue.