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Till now, the processing ways of shrink film mainly include immersion, electrothermal, and steaming methods. Among the three methods, the steaming process is much better, no matter in shrinkage effect or in production efficiency. The shrink film can be used as the trademark on the bottle. The relevant application and film shrinkage methods are as below:

The Bottle with the Bottom Bigger Than Its Top
This bottle is mainly used for the food industry, for instance, peanut butter, milk, fruit juice, etc. It uses the steaming process to offer the optimal solution for the trademark shrinkage. You should shrink its bottom first, and the shrinkage stress should reach to the maximum value. Likewise, the bottle with the middle part bigger or smaller than its top and bottom, also applies the steaming process for its trade mark. This bottle is primarily suitable for packing beverage.

The Bottle with the Top Bigger than Its Bottom
The bottle is extensively applied to in the sectors like ice cream, cup type instant noodles, and so on. This product of smooth surface usually applies the electrothermal process for the trademark shrinkage. The heat source can not be controlled. Therefore, the trademark shrinkage separately on the top and bottom should be conducted at the same time.